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with broken legs back to their work even a few weeks earlier than

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whereas it is quite the reverse in osseous pain. Excessive pain

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whooping cough and mumps are systematically desc ibed points of

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this doctrine. His master the lovable Dr. Barclay had paved

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phuric acid it acts rapidly on glass and must be pre

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ration of the phlegmonous erysipelas from which she suffered and

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rigidity of the tube is contributory to the obstruction. In the

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as is described by John Howard in 1780 as the Hotel

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This plan is certainly not so efficacious as those which I have

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What takes place here then The muscles have retained

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recollection of what has occured during their seizure

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the various methods of obstetric antesthesia are reviewed. The first

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was given her during the night and she slept till six in the

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distorted although they did not complain of weakness in the

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in these fusal fibres as they contract. It seems to me probable

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figures are particularly favourable. They come from France

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they reach the fatal vanishing points. With a single

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One of them occurred in my presence and there could be no

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apparently likely to give way and the arm being com

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A drunken cavalry soldier fell from his horse on the back of his

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has consequently a difficulty in pronouncing labials. On the

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a certain number of cases he has seen weekly or monthly attacks

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inimical to the life of the invading bacteria. Such evidence is

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pletely hemiplegic do not shed tears like those who have had

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appeared four years previously. Kesearch in anatomy had by this

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quently the rim of the acetabulum is torn off just as the

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diminished in proportion to the number of muscular bundles

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umljilicus and the symphysis pubis or as occasion seemed to

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a strong affinity to the plates as when added to Pratt s solution.

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opium. The next morning her beathing was calm her pulse

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parts on the left side it would appear that each lateral half

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materials upon which the experiments have been made of

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culty and there is sometimes incontinence which may how

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remains a few granulations which require to be touched with

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tion of inward cold of rigors and to use his own words of

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This stopped the bleeding. The abdominal wound having

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On the right side the first rib articulates in the normal

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an immediate poison on these organisms. The temperature