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electrical operations on the living body and he then gives the particu
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Weariness Specific reason whatever. This is the melancholia Jln
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of voice while the powers of the mind remained unimpair
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cure can be accounted Diabolical for no other reafon then that
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notwithstanding the extreme drowsiness of the patient
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with Dr. Burrows the proportion of suicides committed
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count of the poor as soon as he had written the two first
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hours. The post mortem showed a double fissured fracture of the posterior
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and countries from the zenith of Grecian science down
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injury and of such a kind as could scarcely be produced after lodgment
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Abstract January 1856 p. 291 in which Sir W. Pergusson performed
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change of shape it generally interrupts the view of the larynx. In
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Now fince the Magne t or Iron excited by the Magnet do
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all Creatures can alfo move folid and ponderous bodies from
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be serviceable in any one of the species of head ache be
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wound in the neck communicated with that in the mouth. The patient
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mortem showed an extensive comminuted slightly depressed fracture of the
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p ute may not become barren and fruklefs in any one part of
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mains of the Supply Company suitably regulated and lowered
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great pain and difTiculty. There was no contusion about the knee and
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more to be lamented because whatever surgical operation because of
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on the medulla oblongata increasing the depth and frequency of the
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himself of it in giving a fuller explanation of this highly
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Gen. I. Systremma literally contortio convolutio globus
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found an oblique nearly horizontal incised wound commencing in the
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entered the heart souuds were clear but weak no bruit was heard over
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when air dried as when in the moist condition. Carbonate of iron acts
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emotion. But with the loss of fine feeling for her daughter
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quiet have settled also as a soberer stage of life has ad
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and their brains lacerated and excavjvted in various ways
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This affection which is also sometimes called simply typhlitis is a
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as we have already shown under the genus paronikia
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him to give up his occupation. There would be constipation for three or
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neuritis was not diminished. On the other hand the operation
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Here too as in the case of measles we must withhold our
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be a third kidney. It was composed of a single lobe consisting
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gas the distension was relieved for a time but soon returned. On the
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inquiries into the compounds resulting from the decomposition of
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develop in the lung or even general dissemination occur. It
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cure and will run away with the credit of having done so
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less sudden and often attended with herpetic eruption round the mouth.
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tions of onely vifual light. And yet in thefe there is moreover
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temperament and especially among those inclined to hys fvi g
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the sublimate itself both before during and after the use of reagents.
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some tenacity and consistence it looked like a coating of
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men namely that we fliall know them by their works. But
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of congenital syphilis from a baby to a cow. From many experiments
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cations of vertigo or syncope we shall produce the three
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Hath any one with his excrements defiled the threshold of
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all whether coming from the different countries of Europe
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their present position. They are here however asso r X
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story of common place facts totally destitute of interest
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When the passion of pride is united with that of ardent Ungovem
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composed in a tedious and repulsive style v. c arc almost
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sign of struma manifested by the patient either in his own person or
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cidua vera is rare. To this Hegar answers that Kilian Kolliker and
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changes being most marked in the pyramids. The fact that
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nected mind of the patient a belief that he is supernaturally cn
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ference whatsoever. This occurred in three cases. In two
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tion which has been productive of so little satisfaction P 2.g
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We are told moreover by Richter of a cataract of Cataract of
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peicep ion. fornier is want of knowledge from want of its ordi
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infiltrated there were no growths in the substance of the liver spleen and
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In considering the sections adopted by diflerent authors Steffan
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turpentine inhalations are the best. Where the irritation is due to
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amputation of the forearm and his case is therefore described in the
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ease may not unfrequently be made to yield to a skilful
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thorUicT apoplexy is a doctrine rather than a fact. Of this
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been unable to confirm in the specimens I have examined.
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after the operation. The highest temperature after the operation was 99 6
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fhould much rather aflent that the minde of man doth carry
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tion. colouring to the external world and combines without a
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site of the pulmonary arteries was a distinct harsh rasping murmur