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the aid ofphysioloeical anatomical and chemical research.

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Dr. Dor of Berne has published the results of his investigations

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artery of the limb for elephantiasis has been performed twelve times.

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It may be stated at once that in my observations no bacillus

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and the phenomena presented a most singular uniformity.

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patient made an excellent recovery and left the hospital on the thirty first

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Under William s auspices Andrew matriculated at Worcester

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a fistula tedious in healing. Sometimes the vulvo vaginal gland is

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Opium Alkaloids. The IMedical Times and Gazette f furnishes an

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attacks of melancholia before from which she had improved but never

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Clinica 1868 He discusses them under i. Eelaxation of the sym

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percentage of these constituents absorbed in the cases of white

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ness of breath and a cough which together with other

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health or relaxed habits and an irritable temperament and

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who have anticipated him in the same doctrine to proceed

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mation in the liver as the result of inflammation accompanied

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and send them to the tympanum in a concentrated state

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the general tendency to sleep is also partly superinduced j

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brain affection and who ultimately sank within a few days of tubercular

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