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and a later stage of apyretic infection during which there
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chest minute red spots looking like flea bites which do not
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weeks ago that this was accompanied by violent pain
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similar nature. For fully three months afterwards she suffered from intense
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thereby. Surface granular and covered with small cysts
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tions on the anatomy of the human arm but he also realised that
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to you there existed no symptom of paralysis but in the
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which seemed not to exist then the peripheral extremities of
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than that of tbe myometrium in which they are eml edded.
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most prominent apical part of the tumour externally
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Numan did not however see that the free martin described
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attacks the third or motor oculi nerve causing external strabis
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M. Fernet it should be observed did not draw attention to the
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estimation incomplete it may be but more complete than
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more than a feeling of pity so that the jokes of his companions
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may be conceived how difficult it is to appreciate such a cause as
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individual. Kellner differed from Graves as to the preponderating rule
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systematically from all the medical wards of the hospital. The
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but he was discharged on September 27th and made an
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other phenomena. If to an animal in which the spinal
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dichotomously and in the case of each fibre after losing its
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everything turn round he staggers and is sometimes unable to
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close to their origin exhibit only an occasional patch.
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she had suffered from chlorosis latterly attended by dyspepsia and
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the disease progresses. Generally as he thus opens his eyes
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Auto Inondatlon in I uhnonary Taherculosis. By Marcus Patterson
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seizes upon a joint and as in rheumatic arthritis no fibrinous
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is a prominent feature it is difficult to distinguish the inffammatory
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Apoplectiform cerebral congestion is a term which has in my
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commonly found in children. 2 Nephromatous mesotheliomata
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Beginning his studies in 1841 Sir John Struthers graduated in 1845 and
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the common carotid was ligatured nine days and eight days
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Petersfield Cottage Hospital. From Petersfield she came
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the peritoneum closed in the usual way. Her recovery
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body the trunk as well as the extremities. In case 1 there was
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treat another pint similarly using 1 oz. of salt instead of
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many others besides which are perhaps more frequently met
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nervous temperament more than anj other predisposes to this
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and messes the patient s clothes. Speech is of course em
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