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panying degeneration of the powers of the mind which varies in degree

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a drauglit of cold water or a dose of camphor or volatile

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curing or at least controlling the inflammation indeed saving the limb

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that disease has reduced the normal acuteness of the macula lutea to

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elastic body embracing as far as possible all the free surface of the

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In the first the cyst contained a pint of clear fluid but none

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Ecphronia curc by its owu ai dour atul will gradually soften into a

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being however always accompanied with irregular re

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This paper is intended to show the nature of the work done

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the hare lip. The vvs is a variety of the synezcsis

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folidity of a ftone which having undergone tins petrification

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upon the principle of inflammation there is a considerable

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jointed account of the Great Maidstone Epidemic there is so

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It now remained to be seen whether the lymphatics could be the

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for Fibrous Stricture of the rectum once and for Chronic Instestinal

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by nature but prepared by art And hence the wisdom that is of

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the force of their contraction acting upon moveable hori

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a Vbod this state there is neither thought nor idea of any kind.

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appearance and a few spots. Was this a return case or a mild

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mate but chiefly from their want of a sufficient degree of f.

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petually stumbling upon level ground till at length he is

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nal God for the foul hath that light and luminous fubftance

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blood which they contained appeared to be semi disorganized.

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carried out by using a conical instead of a cylindrical tube.

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but the ope healed. hence even where no structural cause of

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and one female underwent no operation. In seven male cases the deformity

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of the fluid in Mr Taylor s case very remarkable for one of

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process disease and hence whatever plan we employ must be

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yet the heart continue to act forcibly and steadily pro

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consists of a malformation of the helix and as we have

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Arrange fej.gut arrangement and a very subordinate place in his

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two or more different sets of fibres which may be secre

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the soft tissues around there was also an abscess in connection with

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of failure related by Dr. Plummer in the Edinburgli

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attributed it to the seat of the disease some later writers rather to

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the latter and usually combined the seeds with some

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more permanent more uninterrupted and less subject to

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them her eyes were open but no rising of the chest no

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was discharged cured on the 27tli of December. The contraction of the

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II Uber die Entwicklungs krankheiten in den Bluthen jahten des weibli

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a considerable degree of diseased action has been taking

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er is featod. 90 Whether man hath a dominion paramount overall

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indicate atony rather than entony of action and hence catel a

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had no pleural adhesions but was thickly beset with tubercles tuber

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minute fistula just opposite the cricoid discharging clear fluid. A probe

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sequent swelling was not considered for a long time to be

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walls of the common and hepatic ducts were bile stained

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gence of it confider the fame devoid of all figure yea nor

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and may not measure there as much as half an inch and this

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Thein. Dr. Leven has also compared the eifects of thein from tea with

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rendered evident by observing the movements of the nucleus which

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mortem showed an extensive comminuted slightly depressed fracture of the

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so innocent. Already three deaths have occurred in Sweden from its

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and inevitably deftrudive in very fmall quantity in regard

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this case yielded to inflammation. Leeches or cupping glasses

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thirteen. They found the electro muscular contractility everywhere

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been taken for granted that tlie bones were in a diseased

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against this class of writings and his complaints of the

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evacuated from the sub arachnoid space of the brain but in the

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ment overcrowding prevailed the houses were damp many being

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all ages and has extended its baneful effects to recent

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The greater part of the wound was closed but the portion

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have already mentioned great tenderness and the resistance of

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and the temporo sphenoidal lobe. Nothing abnormal was dis

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called for to guard against the introduction of air and prevent its

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water. In another case the hydrostatic test completely failed and yet

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adhered to them also. The right iliac was completely obstructed by a

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harassed by long marches and been exposed night and

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which the anasarca and renal affection stand to each other at

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Chat whatsoever f shall see or Ixar of Ox luxrs of patients

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treatment would be attended with less risk of permanent disfigurement.

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cotic. For the first six days little benefit seemed to be

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purating cavity my experience does not warrant me in advising the

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the earliest scientists to appreciate this fact was the chemist

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gence in general indolence the external senses themselves

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was found to have slipped back into the abdomen a radical cure was

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Parkinson that the precise period of its commencement is seldom

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medulla in the stump of the femur decided the operator to remove the

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predisposition to drink. Persons who are descended either directly

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the most violent neuralgia Avhilst cases in which thousands of neuromata

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the organ but more particularly in the alveoli the hardening to a

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lating the pancreas Claude Bernard having shown that ether was useful

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seemed to be filled with adipose tissue but the muscular tissue itself

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severe le severity of lesion the heart and its appendages will some

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than the circumstance that if this secondary case had survived the

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the delicate connective tissue of the cerebrum was believed to be

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The principal share in this thickening depended on the layer of con

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This is a point seldom sufficiently considered in thcButtfas

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thorUicT apoplexy is a doctrine rather than a fact. Of this

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a considerable extent and with results of a most important nature. He

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trophied 36 oz. showed old valvular lesions. There was some

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Mr. E. Toye showed the original case of Myositis ossificans

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tion. scribed another interesting case in the third volume of

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years. You have provided me with every opportunity possible.

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labial branches of the facial nerve convulsions set in and advancing

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Many fuch examples occur to our quotidian obfervance.

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it must be reproduced in its original integrity that the cure consists

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raucous membrane that lines the interior of the bones of

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all expedition and in expectation of it unceffantly pants and

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wall and per rectum was observed no less than eleven times.

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requires a flat abfurdity a Magnetifm forfooth without

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dry German yeast. The fluid instantly becomes sj rupy and will now

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closure of the aortic and pulmonary valves this depending on the ac

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thousands of cases. There is certainly great need of improving the

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in it felf. Yet fo that it knows one object more prefentially

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even alone o indeed knovvu an epilepsy entirely cured by camphor

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meets as well in verse as in prose. Sadness is the pre Often

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fubftance. Yet in Mortals they are ieparate and drftincl as

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instance the nape of the neck and the back becomes callous to its

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ions in ceptible regions of the brain into still smaller and mere

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months. The cavity was clothed by ovum membranes and placenta.

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on the economy of animals independently of its action

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and watch the eftect. There being no other available colouring substance

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