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results in every case. What these cases are we propose to consider

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tion and the second and third frontal convolutions which are

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In three cases regarded as instances of progressive muscular

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agitated involuntarily jumped and startedas if a galvanic discharge

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In this case says Dr. Duchenne there were two different dis

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tion does not change the colour of litmus or turmeric

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notice. A boy was brought to my consulting room by his

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phenomena of the putrefactive changes which constantly

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but within a few hours of the occurrence of such complications

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same way neuralgic pain in the fifth nerve is sometimes instan

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works and are collected in medical dictionaries such as

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sphincters. Convulsions ptosis delirium ataxia and paralysis of the

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good health. In 1845 he for the first time felt in the right

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physician has not had recourse to the various tests which I

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with water give a strongly alkaline reaction. Chemically it must

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entire absence of those symptoms which usually charac

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galls forms the best writing ink hitherto known as it

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of small blood cysts or hferaatomata of the ovary occurring in sclero

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