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cence nitrate of silver gives a yellow precipitate which

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observers. But in Aphasia this symptom is in most cases absent

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just external to the tubercle we think is due to an entirely

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oz. proof spirit 2 pints. Macerate for 7 days express

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If required yellow use turmeric aloes saffron or gamboge

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being resisted. The solution is best administered in peppermint or

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movements and without much noise. If an attack of haut mal

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and Dundee and have spent infancy and childhood in the worst

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llichardson s results were similar but comparing treated with

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of potassium last March twelvemonth having just passed one of

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few months had scarcely elapsed before the pain recurred as

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for a few minutes and perhaps longer. The records of courts of

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viously sufi ered from the characteristic pains of locomotor

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rifle is available. In recent times we have seen that the problems

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never yet got an ovai iotomy incision to heal with Lister s

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man suddenly commits murder without any previous intellectual

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the face swell and the enlarged tongue protrude out of the

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which with other methods of treatment would have called for terminat

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there is little room for other methods in the treatment of tuberculous

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tough and creaked under the knife while being cut. The

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has a high irritating value. Formerly it was much in vogue as a

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meninges which about the optic commissure and in the fissure

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observed but it seems probable that the vessel may have

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sible errors of diagnosis. A little care will be sufficient to make

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attacks of dyspnoea which threatened at any moment to

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expedient to obviate death from suffocation whilst some

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Subsequently however Dr. Charcot was the first to commu

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defined. The method is useful for the cliff erentiation of spasmodic from