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other no local or general ill effects followed both

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regiment had been in hospital with the disease at Bangalore.

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name underneath the print and ask whose portrait it was. As

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assists in forming useful liniments as olive oil 1 oz.

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Let us now examine the relation of delirium to diseases of

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them asunder before they have become firmly united.

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those of other forms of treatment alone. The best results would be obtained

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by the occurrence of alternating movements of contraction and

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be necessary to analyse the groups into age periods for if there

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effected by the use of the scalpel whilst in that related by

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least pretend to ward off the attacks and to do away with the

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as to the nature of the case although in too many instances

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the abdomen which has been steadily enlarging. Associated with the

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same time and this is a valuable sign marked emaciation.

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symptoms or were very much improved in only four treatment had

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Her mental faculties have become more acute and her

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