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of the third left frontal convolution since Dr. Charcot s case hafl

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this convulsion might well be a coincidence only. Indeed

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Honey of Roses Z. Dried red rose petals 4 oz. boil

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an initial consideration we must differentiate between the

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sleep and resume his occupation as a copper turner.but the pain

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The first case in which I studied this strange neuralgia was

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elapsed when she complained of fiushings of the head in

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of the inflammatory lesion that it began and ended with it and

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whilst the very success of the treatment contributes to leave the

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healing rapidly and the patient being throughout entirely

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wasting of the intercostal muscles and complete atrophy of the tongue with.

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reports of the other successful cases there is no note as

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in nearly every case namely hypertrophy of the thyroid gland

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vertebra on the left side would articulate with the third

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their effects and before increasing should continue them for a

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body but when it has attacked a certain group of muscles their

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through it. Blood was allowed to flow fairly freely.

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youth of 18 commenced the study of medicine here in 1841

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of au ovarian cyst X luemorrhage. The symptoms sinudated those of a

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tumour shows nothing to suggest a pancreatic origin except possibly

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agency and reckoned as lasting from infection to fever

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merely diminished in violence tartar emetic is again admi

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It is soluble in rectified spirit. Used as a powerful

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and continuous with it in places as at i partly in isolated

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Cerebral Phenomena are not the consequence of metastasis but are gene

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from bovine tuherculosis in young children viz. G to 10 per cent. as

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acute hgematoporphyrinuria but experimentally the alkalinity of the

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these branches he has found it necessary to produce a volume of very

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with the fifth which we regard as the seventh in the

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had symptoms of duodenal ulcer and was treated in the Eoyal

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clear presentation is a task of great difficulty. AVe are not sure that

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their weight of powdered sugar. I have also seen some good

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bismus which disappeared almost completely after a few months

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clavicular portion may be wanting and the pectoralis minor also may

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