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may escape into the pleura and a virulent empyema be set

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In 1852 Dr. John Beddoe who died in 1911 arrived in Edinburgh

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better and are less likely to be disturbed during the night if they

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pressed in the lithographic press and the stone receives

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flexors of the leg were atrophied whilst in the upper limbs

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conceivable in Edinliurgh which during moi e than twenty years has

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evidence that Dr. Patterson has succeeded in giving to the world any

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structures than are to be seen in publications of Sir John

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Newcastle in consultation to whom I showed the mounted

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the prolonged use of opium he is warned of the return of his

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non infecting material fails to produce an effect on the

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tralgia. It is very common also to meet with women who

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may continue to play. These gentlemen are types of epileptic

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A substance of the same composition as luetin but without spirochetes

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the forms of inebriety including drug inebriety. The chief chapter

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diminution of her muscular power there is no paralysis properly

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persons being treated at home under supervision of the dispensary

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with my hands you must ha e been struck with the bright

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some extent precipitated and accentuated its onset.

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Sydney New South Wales Devendra Bharadwaja India Victor J. A. Wilson

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occurs an interval of two and three seconds and sometimes more between the

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specimen. Its exact attachments could not be determined.

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from some specimens in the teratological series contained in

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lesser trochanter. If rest is combined with the splint apparatus and the limb

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division of the organ. When the operation was over all pain

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surfaces has failed still this mode of treatment has not said its

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particular plays an important part in the development of neu

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that in cerebro spinal typhus. Dr. Boudin gives opium in large

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ration of the phlegmonous erysipelas from which she suffered and

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to the mixture digest the precipitate in ether to remove

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