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two hours each afternoon for the last four or five days.

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pupils he amused them by his merry ways and his witty conver

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of poisons. They are absorbed and circulate in the blood and

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Of course during these years hysterectomy was seldom performed and deaths

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to seize upon the brain it has spread dispersed itself I would

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form and recur from one to two and even to fifteen or seventeen

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portion of the temporal bone in a great part carious and to

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signs were not constant however and it was suspected

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Broca s presence. To the naked eye they did not seem to have

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from Aphasia when I questioned him. I asked him what his

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to exist in an envelope so enormously distended as was

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of this neurone is the cell in the corresponding spinal ganglion.

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although all recollection has been lost of the sounds which are

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be found in urine which on ordinary examination appears healthy and

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two only was there bleeding which was easily arrested

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able result of this in our opinion is paralysis of the right half

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doses from 3 to 4 grains a day and determined on increasing this

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necessary for the regularity of muscular functions concur

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and 0 4.5 per cent. The etiology of the occipito posterior positions is

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if it had not been ascertained that in most cases no appreciable

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to her tried to answer but on rare occasions only succeeded in

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he has not had a single gastric crisis whereas for seven years before

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have thought it advisable to oifer a few remarks upon the

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The details of the scheme will necessarily vary in different localities

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She gave a pretty good account of her sensations but seemed

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manifestations bear this well in mind. However intense the fever