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convulsions present the most marked differences and their in

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been insane. Bear these facts well in mind because they throw

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compared to the congestions which accompany neuralgic affec

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Methodical compression of the head has been particularly

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The pains which I described in the first period of the disease

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fell in others to 60 per cent. the average has been about 75

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owing to the presence of iron in the endothelial cells. Many large

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is appreciated by Kreuzfuchs Munch med. WocJienschr. 9th January

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too falls a victim to the fauna of the beloved Firth. He becomes

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dition of the whole abdominal cavity and intestines.

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quickens again and often to an extraordinary degree. Prostration delirium con

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for in human experience and if the successive attacks of

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Duplay has recorded several cases of the same kind in a very

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him wrote The structures are of a vegetable nature accidentally

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in his Clinical Lectures. This illustrious physician was attend

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seed in the fluid though by no means to be regarded as

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blood corpuscles which are evidenced by the punctate basophile

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with the result that the gastric contents are unduly retained.

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deal of mental disturbance with marked lassitude and mental torpor

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tubercular in 12 and malignant in 1. Litracranial complications were

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tonitis is below 7 gt r their powers of nutrition and resistance are