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A post mortem examination was made on Tuesday February

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longed expiration and next a weaker respiratory movement

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and in five out of seven cases produced a positive result where the

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gets paralysed there supervenes retention and subsequently

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the other hand. Dr. Topinard in his excellent monograph on pro

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When chloroform or ether inhalations are used against neu

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dealing with the examination of the eye extending to forty four pages

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and put 25 grains of tartaric acid in each white paper.

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little later Oribasius 326 408 A.D. in his Compilations furnishes

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chloric acid. Its white oxide is used as a polishing

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have recurred for several hours almost without interruption

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mode of treatment the child who was at the point of death

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ataxy indicate disease of the cervical portion of the sympa

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an aura starting from the thumb and from there ascending along

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many patients whom I at one time regarded as suffering from

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these in which the nitrate of silver failed completely. I myself

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At No. 19 in the same ward we had an opportunity of studying

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the right side from the anterior part of the eleventh proto

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head of a darning needle charged with tuberculin was pressed

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