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tably obnoxious to the fame fate of mortality together with

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from the effects of cerebral haemorrhage whose kidneys on

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produced artificial respiration especially with oxygen is the great

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healthy lad set. 16 extending into the knee joint where he laid open

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cholera broke out with severity in North Africa whilst in France it

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colicky nature. It is common for the patient s attention to be

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receipt of the injury from some malady unconnected with his injury

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When gargling could not be practised swabbing with nitrate of silver

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right auricle. On attempting to raise it the fingers penetrated its

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given various examples under moria imbedllis or mentai. and espe

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feather as elastic as a spring or to sink under a sense of

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I wanted to thank my mother father and my fiance for

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ter which we have noticed under that division. The lei Lfipothy

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malignant disease had been present for five years previous to the operation

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It is not necessary therefore to travel over the same

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the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed

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its teeth and claws. The symptoms took place four days

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died on the second day. Post mortem the whole small intestine with the

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It has been stated that there were 28 cases of hereditary myopia

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Ecpfron ia they had neither straw nor rags and were perfectly naked

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The corporeal indications differ as much as those of The corpc

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in cases of small excrescences slight callosities obstruction from tuber

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of the skin but a certain real produclion which buds

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brain in atonic apoplexy since no serum has been found objected to

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leading from the vortices would be the part chiefly concerned. The

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Here too as in the case of measles we must withhold our

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thatpure Ejfencc which requires to be worshiped no other

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approximated them too closely the greater part of the no H

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As the pus was yery deep under the pectoral muscle indeed the

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in warm water the pressure of w hich is sometimes of as

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whilst ozonides such as permanganate of potash and the persalts of

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maisf quently in the stagnant waters of our own country with

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here as in the preceding species. Stark tried musk andgatives.

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iim which have of late years been so strongly recommend J. s

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ness and sensibility. Dr. White of York has given us Singular

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myrrh and infusion of columbo acidulated with sulphuric

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and it is chiefly owing to a want of due attention to this

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attacks of melancholia before from which she had improved but never

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tions of potash and soda. Healthy tissue when treated with a weak

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flowers. It was administered in five cases of tapeworm in several of

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Darwin while on the continent it has been investigated yy

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employed to express two distinct modifications of the dis

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cular detritus. The kidneys showed uric acid infarctus and a consider

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ed to it it was most probably upon the obvious ground

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very full. On opening the chest the right lung collapsed normall

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which further result in cysts by the accumulation of secretion.

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by an uncelTant tumultuous heat of Ferment at urn are.for

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ment perspicuous in its style and comprehensive in its

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of acute articular osteitis and also for the very advanced periods when

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Aherna ness and blindness alternated with each other f and we

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last instance it will be in vain to expect an explanation

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the patient and on that of his attendant no stone should reach the

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survived because it obtained no admission to the bitten

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since the operation would have to be performed and the after treatment

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during nicotia poisoning are not among the symptoms produced by

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assumed that tuberculosis is present even as is very often the ease in

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worth a trial. The leaves of the orange popular as they

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has equally resisted the labours of modern metaphysicians

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lawful condemn and deteft it as impious and accufe it to con

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by the pancreas. The great cul de sac contained black fluid like that

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forceps 3 by perforation 2 of the mothers died 4 children were born

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artery. Dry gangrene set in and slowly advanced. Forty four days later when

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xhe fermentation of the humors fufpended. Nature hath alfo

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araoug clots and fibrinous masses and condensed infiltrated tissues

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or both in 15 vertigo in 8 disordered sensibility not including the

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the appearance of whale bone and its margins are fibrous.

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Local In entonic apoplexy general and local bleeding should

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d Tt d seems to have been known to any Pathologist

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dose of nervic drugs will not cut short the malady and too great

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subject but M. Abildgaard in the Transactions ot the in a smaller

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independently of disease of the valves or of dilatation of the orifice or

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the substance of the heart or rather in the dense connective tissue between

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blood but alfo whoever deeps under the coverture of a

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Minde is no function of the Appetitive faculty but is a part

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it by the chastisement with which an indulgent father jj f

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IS giving way m the organs that most associate with this evils.

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I. Cysts due to Simple Retention. Cysts are very frequently

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and reflecting over various modes in which the end of the vessel could

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haps be no great difficulty in accounting for this but the The chief

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More gene y intemperance who are deficient in natural skill to use

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and they are given in a communication to the London TreiT

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Castration. For Epithelioma of Sceotum. This case is described

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in proof of this the person had swallowed more than two

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proceeded from dysentery.f Schenck tells us that he

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these shall go away into everlasting punishment

urine is semi fluid and in accordance with this supposition is the fact

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ble moisture whether from previous exercise or great

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pigmentation of the optic disc. Fano relates an instance of a boy

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Treatment of excision and cauterization may in general be regarded

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fearful others fearful without being sad some neither

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able to this source and the following remarks of Mr. butap

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in good health. The most prominent part of the growth that was distorting

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take things upon trust and allows others to think for him

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refers he passed urine without any difficulty and with only slight pain.

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of musk or camphor w ith free doses of the metallic to

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vefted himfelf of his ellential and inveterate enmity and put

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such an explanation. But that there is a something beyond

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it as in its proper manfion. For in the bloud there inhabite

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The soluble salts of methyl morphium have been shown to possess a

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tions as Physician and Consulting Physician until his death.

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ently described and almost always feigned I can scarce

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body which on their cessation remained paralysed. In the child aged

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more or lefs propenfe to the exercifes of their element be

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of the pia mater eflusion of serum in the ventricles venous stasis in

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In addition to the chemical examination above described

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fact is that the nervous system in every part and every

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I have examined show that almost all the kidney substance has

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Avith more rapid relief than is afforded by the carbonate

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The powers of the stomach from the repeated paroxysms

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liar fluid. The word nekve which among the ancients Original

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once dilTolved as it were emancipated from the bondage of

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The optic neuritis slowly subsided. As the authors point out

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the nature of the exciting cause it will be more correct

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position to sinking or to coma or where no improvement occurs after

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vations with those of Brown Sequard. They establish the direct crossing

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ready indicated. The first of these is perhaps the most

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portion of a drachm every six hours. But it owed of

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The general mode of treatment proposed for tlie last Mode of

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expelled and replaced by carbonic oxide a definite compound is thus