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tated and an uncommon sensibility of nerves whereby
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plied is interfered with the oscillations become manifest j
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should ultimately become affected from the protracted
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hemiplegia it is not reasonable to expect recovery when there
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ture and optic neuritis. The skull was trephined midway be
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while fome have ufurped the liberty to multiply the Imples
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d E. Me occurs occasionally and is often accompanied with a high
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In Prance M. Mirault of Angers has the credit of having first
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time. Whenever the stimulant ideas or thoughts that l
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where a spasmodic affection of the inner membrane may
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no longer any command over himself they betray them
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confidence and credit. We befieve that we ought to recommend it very
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i4 2. The walls were also more than double the normal thickness.
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externally jjigh degree of reputation. It was first recommended by
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would appear from the above statement but that in most of
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Opacities of the cornea were very common among the pupils of the
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appeared as a sequela of otitis media. There was localised meningitis
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He was instantly relieved in the nose and lip but towards tiai
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The only case which can be claimed as one of recovery from
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consideration the necessity of enforcing the defensive line already
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torpid it is enlarged if strong and contractile dimi
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quite unfit for operation. The patient gradually sank and died sis weeks
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a midnight deep. For as man from that unhappy moment
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jvom hang lage and the os hyoides and consequently that the
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the development of sulphuric acid and chlorine sulphate and chloride of
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from taking part in general conversation from her extreme
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therefore to say that every calculus being discoverable with proper
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them to dilated lymphatic j assages which have become ob
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How far its repetition may be of use in the shivering
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that immediately issue from it as an ossification of the of disease
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months though it is not long that he has had the care of
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To Dan we have been through so many hills and valleys ar
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Beverley near Pateley Bridge and subsequently held a similar
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my mind a knowledge of its hardness and other quali
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sense of hearing was peculiarly acute. The discovery of Hearing
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the nuclei did not show anything characteristic which would lead one
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lowering the temperature combined perhaps with large doses of quinine
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before terminating in the tactile corpuscle. According to this theory
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cord surrounding the body in the line of distress and
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and astringent vegetable. Dr. Guthrie in the Memoirs instance of
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is toxical I and poyfonous but that of an Oxe though brother
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back a little way and then descending again. Hamburger noted this
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suppurated M. Azam made a free opening. Bloody serous fluid was
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Diagnosis. General tuberculosis with fatty degeneration of the liver.
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in review as belonging to the second order of the present
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is thick and opaque and illustrates the condition known as xerosis.
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tween the two surfaces as in the case just cited. The most
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weeks suffering from morbus cordis bronchitis and general
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manifeft and ftrong to attefl an Eletlricity or attractive
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ing only one and one third inch in length and being functionally quite
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which the aberration first betrayed itself be found that
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existed twelve months before that iv. 502 a woman aged 68 whose breast
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and that the ventricles may be safely irrigated with boracic
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separately with sutures That such a procedure has the mark of
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cessful in a restoration of health strength plumpness and
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suddenly declare itself and prove fatal in a very short time.
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various instances how long llie frame will support itself
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of nux vomica as also from galvanism when raised to a
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doth generate a certain idea of the thing conceived in the
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from father to daughter and from mother to son. As inheritance
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tilaginous margin and a cheesy centre. Lobar pneumonia and a
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fall was obliged to abandon among the other idols of his
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the top of the shoulder and in palpitation of the heart
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mind must depend upon a healthy energy of the vessels
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formed in exactly the widest part of the perinseum and it was of
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latter by mild diaphoretics and afterwards cold bathing
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lumbar vertebrae taken from the body of an insane patient. It was
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a t. 20 much reduced by two years illness. The malady was mistaken
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black and coarse hair eyes sunk in hollow sockets large
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larity of their University careers was remarkable. William
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Removal of urethral caruncle. These eleven cases were all in the
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tendency to hernia in the situation of the scar is perfectly
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through the polypoid excrescences. The latter are due to hypertrophy of
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Post mortem pleura from a quarter to three eighths of an inch thick.
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being observed the patient particularly while walking
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whilst it retards it in the anelectrotonized section. These influences
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other part of the body. This theory is reconcilable both with the
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motion. And on this subject Galen Alexander Trallia
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cavity were found and a sac described as an aneurismal pouch commu
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surgical registrar to Gruy s Hospital ending in 1858.
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for the quickening of the lurking seminium of the poison
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sumach or poison oak as it is sometimes but improper oassu
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having been run over. There was some extravasation of urine. He made a
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mental physiology has been decreed have been the most successful as well
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clusion for though it shows that the spleen may be successfully
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from the forms of the three nniverfal principles Sal Sul
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vessels at the height of retardation they seem to stick there till the
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Prickett Dr. Marmaduke 12 Devonport Street Gloucester
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conflict to which it is exposed. That of suddenly ex
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and undulating curve a fatal result is almost inevitable the heart
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quadrupeds that arc bitten by a rabid dog suffer from the out of
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to settle this question. Organisms of intestinal origin some of
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suppressed menstruation repelled chronic eruptions and
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effects follow and the action is usually manifested within an hour. A
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an cTof the i his Iliad who is perpetually making his Grecian
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of hearing diate seat of its diseases and even with tlie exact bearing
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layers of hardened faeces deposited on a central solid core of the same
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corresponding to the site of the fistula was left open indeed
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to excite this dormant Magick who hath wholly proftituted
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be of ad where the constitution is generally affected or the mus
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lized the former the actual possession of the country for
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rabies. in which wc have already shown lurks the secreted and
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case take the lead and the mind relaxes itself with their
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hand of the Creator married indhTolubiy into an eternal unity
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dolens always proceeds from uterine phlebitis Bull de la Soc. Anat.
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The following is a list of the most important groups of cases
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sure a punctuality of material cause and effect and hence.
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forearm. When seen it was gaping to the extent of two fingers
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much difliculty although it was very soft and broke up during removal. The
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and manners a little also but the soothing of tenderness
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In the next case the patient died thirty six hours after amputation
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The pathology and in consequence the prognosis of this disease have
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to the future course of the disease. The patient if at the time
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lectsofnuxthat when only small doses can be sriven without seriously
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doctor. Syphilis is only cured without mercury within a very narrow
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XIV. An Analysis of a Second Series of Forty Cases of Intus
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of the occurrence of aphasia whilst the highest intellectual power was
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successful as in neuralgia faciei. And Dr. Alderson has
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of 37 C. for seven hours. Further digestion was then stopped
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ingin the autumn and there are individuals who have
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opiexia. and Coelius Aurelianus carried the remedy of bleedins
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there had arisen fully 250 cases of the disease and of this Inrge
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enlarged and there was a small show of blood suggesting abortion.
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