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by an unusual noise proceeding from her mother s room and on

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of the commission appointed to investigate the prevalence and cause

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man 85 at second relapse 94 at stage of incubation 95 inocula

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features as were noticed in this case. Further it was noted that

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rise to a supra and an infra orbital neuralgia just as might

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perfectly healthy and the pericardium and endocardium presented unequivocal

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years the third edition has appeared. The book has been translated

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proper general or local treatment I soon found out that the

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mentions six cases in which this lesion was discovered on

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geration perhaps it is of great value and deserves a place by

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excessively abrupt gyratory motion and uttering a small sharp

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treatment of this disease. Leishman and Smallman recom

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right of the hilum was a sliglitly bulging swelling. On opening

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On making the autopsy I found notable thickening of the

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specimen and this theory like the former offers no explana

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pressions of the soul are no longer expressed but by changes of

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Now that a pretty good number of cases have been recorded

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Pathological anatomy very little known. Nature of the disease. Dif

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degree in some instances than in others. In No. 4 there

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poor woman thus presented mobile symptoms suddenly shifting

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to tell her or her friends the awful truth. For several years the