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passed ofi again. The patient was finally left with somewliat diminished

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fei ent from those attained by Messrs. Pirrie and Keith which Mr.

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bronchial tubes. These were irritated. When the experiment is lucky

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gation to classify being to formulate the phenomena of natural evolu

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adenoma and Malassez called it mucoid epithelioma considering

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hence alfo it is clear that the witch hath a power to deftroy

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comprised. The interior of the periosteum was plugged with lint to

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of diphtheritic origin. There was also tubercular broncho pneumonia

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part of man hould be allowed a power of adion but the

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The youngest case mentioned by Lejars is that of a child

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humour should only have exasperated the disease and

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salts are freely soluble in water and have a very bitter taste.

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may be severe when the growth is too small to cause any

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ual region are among the most frequent on which account

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Tilcers. In nearly all tuberculous subjects there is visible hypersemia of

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and others that both the anterior and posterior columns of the spinal

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the history of the injury. I therefore send the outline of the case

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and describes curves which are no real transcript of the movements of

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inch in diameter and was so bard that lithotrity was negatived. After

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was observed loss of the memory of words limited to substantives

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right auricle and in the liver Avhich was studded with them. The

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After death the blood is found to be dark but it becomes arterialized

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great many contradict it. Vogel especially observes that young children

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the nerves to account for the phenomenon. The case suggests to him

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tainly and in truth very often does result from a mere neglected

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which is generally interrupted I have seen continue un

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alone is a cause and liundreds of other sources of irk

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superfoetation or an impregnation subsequent to the labour had taken

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fight against a greater. With it we may succeed without

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results of the analysis are given in two forms i as simple

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ancTsthesia attended quickly merging in a condition resembling as

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indeed at the latter s suggestion to offer the following classifi

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throughout and from thence by fpiritual magnetifm to

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struction to the circuLation through a sac whether accidentally or by

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delirium tremens is a capricious disease and its prognosis always

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technically has given himself over completely to the po nlar or as

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unconnected emotions continually repeated acts of extra

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the Devil by transferring this honor upon him for what can

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after vain attempts at reduction but the patient died. The fourth case

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affufeth Mercury and makes thereof a fragil fubfhncea.nd

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cannot admit that punctated ecchymoses beneath the serous membranes

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ague has been once generated in the animal frame by

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of potash and soda present was as four to three respectively. Tiually

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masses of epidermis. Unfortunately as yet our means for measuring

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perfect hearing requires to be roused in order to dis

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some supporting affinity as in ferrocyanogen no poisonous effect is

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the distant rumbling of a heavy waggon over the streets

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both instances without venturing upon any decisive opi

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bacilli endothelial cancer metastasic growths connected with the lym

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the disintegrating processes along the nerve. The first of the above

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died from cardiac dyspnoea on the sixty third day after admission. At the

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Dr. Simon. The former case was remarkable in consequence of the

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The nitrogenous constituents of bread consist chiefly of veget

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nations to the prevention of water contamination to the cost and to the

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gerous in proportion to the delay the adjoining muscles ceding

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chronic otorrhoea both membranes were incised and pus let out. On the fourth

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conceive how that very common modification of the dis

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recently published new edition of his work on public health that in

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striking instance in the swelling of the mamm on the

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correct term no such fact has been satisfactorily proved. The only

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case An Arab set. 38 came into the Military Hospital of Constan

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carried to and perscvercd at all hazards in reducing the living power

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to the obstruction to the air tubes unless the perforation be on

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satisfactory. In about 10 congestive cases the results were satisfactory

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tongue and hence the rapid refreshment and renovation whence

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The combination was found in 132 cases out of 135 from which Dr.

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lymphatic hearts are more susceptible to the action of veratria tlian

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Followed Mr. Charles Bell has successfully followed up these

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because adds the writer it is comfortable to think that

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stitutions. common instances of hysteric struggle that occur to us

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A rare case of intermural fcetation is described by Dr. B. Hicks

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times with all of you and who knows maybe even celebrating a

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excess and irregularly accumulated in consequence of

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later wn jami bell and Professor Stewart who if on the over

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torpid it is enlarged if strong and contractile dimi

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had reached the posterior segment of the eyeballs. Among these were

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that the duration may be longer and in some of the cases a

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greatly beyond what I had pver seen either in madness or

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bifurcation. In the third case a man get. 44 apparently was sud

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Nor is there much difficulty in conceiving how the

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doth both kindle and maintain the flames of interminable de

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muscles of the eye and extremities especially in the left leg. Death.

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Fracture of the nech of the scapula. In the Deutsche Klinik 1867

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months previously he had sustained a simple transverse fracture of the

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and on comparing it with belladonna its deliriant or somniferous pro

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months duration. The gangrene gradually spread temperature began to rise

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cles that form the seat of the convulsion are manifestly

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wound is united at once and hermetically sealed with collodion and

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ileus which was in a state of gangrene4 In some cases

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mulants of most kinds will usually be found far more ser

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as some late reports would induce us to believe it must

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the 104 level and remained at that level for about three

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cervical and third lumbar vertebrae and in nearly every viscus of the chest

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system seems instantaneously to become discharged of its

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sorial secretion is expended at this particular outlet and

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addition in modifying the action of poisons and selected as the first

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appears first at the place of inoculation. 5 On the site of inoculation

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Of these twenty four cases six were treated by free incision into the

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probably is the immediate cause I am much more inclin

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which this Magneticall alliciency is performed alfo betwixt

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chooses or finds easiest and walks hops or runs as her

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fon have deeply imprefled upon themfelves a certaine Chara

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pregnancy caused thrombosis in its structure with apoplectic and

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such an attempt was in agitation among the friends ot tlie

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after night and far into the night he would work away cutting

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or more of tlie senses and does not necessarily prove as the latter

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Rkbies think be questioned whether the complexity and the

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day the pulse was 120 the breathing 56 the rheumatic symptoms were

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or of any syphilitic fluid. 9 Under no circumstances must further

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Muscus It was probably from its stimulant and cathartic effects

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and hard. Seven weeks after admission the bladder was opened above the

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than can by any reasonable possibility be supposed to pass out of the

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from the tibia or at least the periosteum stripped off. While the

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diseases become developed through the same inoculation cow pox from

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factory experiments and operations were given to the pub

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in the centre of the different flexures of the column but es

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encouraging from the beginning I can t thank you enough

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sequent swelling was not considered for a long time to be

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but also some larger epithelial cells. No fibrin was present.

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