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mortality was 36 per cent. I view this result as significant for

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person frightened by some sudden danger. I do not think that

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of symptoms prove the contrary. An apparently genuine lasting cure

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acetone bodies. We ought rather to look for anti ketogenic anti

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at present as bearing on the propriety or the reverse of

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that of the bladder in particular became paralysed the patient

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may be treated with tuberculin till a definite indication for nephrec

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analogous to a unicellular protozoon but in a similar sense so are all

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to recur. The prognosis is favourable so long as the appendix empties

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regarded as the starting point in any consideration of the

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a firm resistance then when an attempt is made to extend the

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I have also found it impossible to produce a direct

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In some cases reported as leontiasis ossea there is a thickening of

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Victoria Hospital for Children 8 Upper Brook street

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The viscera presented no point of particular interest.

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is entirely limited to the point where it first shows itself or at

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recognising that the essence of neurasthenia is want of brain control

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of the large intestine at the Ninth Australasian Medical Congress Sydney

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viduals after puberty have almost exclusively occurred in

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doidal sutures the two parietal bones separating from one

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the non convulsive form of epileptiform neuralgia as well always

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years the third edition has appeared. The book has been translated

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numbers of adults who suffered from acute nephritis in childhood.

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intellect and the quickness of perception but between such effects

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of baryta in equal parts powder and distil by an oil bath

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ossification and frequently grows beyond its normal dimen